Unidad 1: Los conceptos que debes saber


Keeping in mind that this is a review of concepts mastered in a first semester course, we have noted a concise summary of various topics to help you in your journey in this course. For more explanations or detailed summaries, please consult with your teacher about the materials used for a first semester course.

Los objetivos

  1. Develop an awareness and appreciation of different Spanish-speaking countries.
  2. Understand advice about a study abroad experience via a review of moods and tenses.
  3. Learn some facts about Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.
  4. Gain insights as a future international student.
  5. Learn the demonstrative adjectives & pronouns.
  6. Discuss one’s personal experience studying abroad using the pretérito vs imperfecto.
  7. Review of the challenging Spanish grammar aspects: ser/estar, pretérito/imperfecto, pronombres directos/indirectos, indicativo/subjuntivo, por/para, mandatos afirmativos/negativos.


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