Unidad 2: De compras y la ropa

12. Agreguemos y avancemos con querencias, esperanzas, recomendaciones y sugerencias usando el subjuntivo

Remember the mood is the attitude of the speaker toward the actions of another person or thing.

Remember the subjunctive is a mood (its opposite so to speak is called the Indicative.)

Within these 2 moods, languages have tenses (tenses simply means time periods referring to present, past, future etc.)

Indicative is factual

  • Expresses facts, actual, known information or definite events
  • Certainty or reality

Subjunctive is subjective

  • Reflects the speaker’s feelings, needs, attitudes, doubts, or fears
  • Uncertainty

En esta ocasión viajaremos a varios países hispanoamericanos. Recuerdas, ¿cuáles son los países hispanoamericanos? ¿Por qué se caracterizan?



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