Unidad 4: Estudiando en el extranjero

5. Estrategias para la comunicación escrita: El párrafo

The paragraph is a distinct portion of writing that deals with a particular idea, usually containing several sentences and beginning with a new line that is usually indented. Another culturally correct structure to remember is the physical justification of what you write. In this case, justification refers to how your page is set up. Full justification (rather than left or center for example) is considered most professional in business and other written communication in the Hispanic world.

At the beginning of each paragraph normally we will find the topic sentence, the rest of the paragraph has supporting details. In all languages, when we are writing formally or informally, it is common to use a paragraph. The paragraph helps us to organize the information to have clear communication, which is the reason why we recommend that you use paragraphs.

El correo electrónico de Ana María tiene 4 párrafos, analicemos la información de cada párrafo indicando la idea general de cada uno:

Primer párrafo: ______________________________

Segundo párrafo: ______________________________

Tercer párrafo: _______________________________

Cuarto párrafo: _______________________________


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