Unidad 3: Las comidas y los restaurantes


Determine your proficiency:

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I identify best practices to learning a second language?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I use different strategies such as music or TV shows to practice and gain expertise in the language?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I articulate an opinion about songs in Spanish?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I request service and food at a restaurant politely?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I express my likes, dislikes and interests using polite forms as vocabulary?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I apply food related vocabulary in a restaurant or meal preparation situation?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I recall the meal times and general meal practices in Spain vs Latin America?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I discuss in general the sights and foods one may encounter in main cities such as Madrid or a typical dish of a few Spanish speaking countries?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I recognize various foods as meals or as “tapas” to order them?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I apply correct tipping practices in the various eateries or bars?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I identify by a store name, what the store’s specialty is?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I form comparisons to support my opinions?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I ask for and make suggestions and recommendations?

[ ] Yes [ ] No  Can I read, write, listen to and comprehend basic instructions for a recipe?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, review those sections again and see your professor.


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