Verbs: Spanish to English

Español Inglés Clasificación
abrir to open Verbo Regular
aburrir to bore Verbo Regular
acordar (o—ue) to remember Verbo Irregular
acostar (o—ue) to put in bed Verbo Irregular
agregar to add Verbo Regular
almorzar (o—ue) to have lunch Verbo Irregular
alquilar to rent Verbo Regular
analizar to analyze Verbo Regular
andar to walk Verbo Regular
apagar to turn off Verbo Regular
aparcar to park Verbo Regular
aprender to learn Verbo Regular
arreglar to fix Verbo Regular
asistir to attend Verbo Regular
averiguar to find out Verbo Regular
ayudar to help Verbo Regular
batir to mix/beat Verbo Regular
beber to drink Verbo Regular
buscar to look for Verbo Regular
cambiar exchange in terms of currency Verbo Regular
cambiar to change Verbo Regular
cancelar to cancel Verbo Regular
cenar to have dinner Verbo Regular
cobrar to charge (a bill) Verbo Regular
cocer (o —ue) z* to cook (in terms of how something is cooked) Verbo Irregular
cocinar to cook Verbo Regular
combinar to combine Verbo Regular
comer to eat Verbo Regular
comprar to buy Verbo Regular
comprender to understand Verbo Regular
conducir (c—zc) to drive Verbo Irregular
congelar to freeze Verbo Regular
conocer (c—zc) to know/to be familiar Verbo Irregular
conseguir (e—i) to get, obtain Verbo Irregular
construir (i—y) to build Verbo Irregular
contener (go + e—ie) to contain Verbo Irregular
contestar to answer Verbo Regular
correr to run Verbo Regular
cortar to cut Verbo Regular
coser to sew Verbo Regular
costar (o—ue) to cost Verbo Irregular
creer to believe Verbo Regular
cubrir to cover Verbo Regular
cuidar to care / to take care of Verbo Regular
deber to owe/must Verbo Regular
deber (followed by an infinitive) to must be as in probability Verbo Regular
decir (e—i) to say/tell Verbo Irregular
derretir to melt, thaw Verbo Regular
desayunar to have breakfast Verbo Regular
desear to want/wish Verbo Regular
despedir (e—i) to say good-bye Verbo Irregular
despertar (e—ie) to wake up Verbo Irregular
desvestir(se) (e—i) to undress Verbo Irregular
devolver (o—ue) to return/give back Verbo Irregular
disgustar to dislike Verbo similar a gustar
dividir to divide Verbo Regular
doblar to turn/flip Verbo Regular
doler (o–ue) to hurt Verbo Similar a Gustar
dormir (o—ue) to sleep Verbo Irregular
elegir (g—j) to choose Verbo Regular: Cambio Fonético
encantar to really like or be pleasing Verbo Similar a Gustar
encender (e—ie) to turn on (stove for example) Verbo Irregular
encontrar (o—ue) to meet/encounter Verbo Irregular
enseñar to teach Verbo Regular
escoger (g—j) to choose Verbo Regular: Cambio Fonético
escribir to write Verbo Regular
escurrir to drain Verbo Regular
esperar to hope, wish, wait for Verbo Regular
estar to be Verbo Irregular
estar casado/a to be married Expresión, Verbo Irregular
estar divorciado/a de to be divorced Expresión, Verbo Irregular
estudiar to study Verbo Regular
faltar to miss, lack Verbo Similar a Gustar
fascinar to be fascinated by Verbo Similar a Gustar
fracasar to fail Verbo Regular
freír (e—i) to fry Verbo Irregular
funcionar to function Verbo Regular
girar to turn Verbo Regular
guisar to cook/stew Verbo Regular
gustar to be pleasing (like) Verbo Regular (Requires IOP)
hablar to talk, speak Verbo Regular
hacer (go) to do, make Verbo Irregular
hacer falta to need; to be lacking Verbo Similar a Gustar
hervir (e—ie) to boil Verbo Irregular
hornear to bake Verbo Regular
importar to be of importance, to matter Verbo similar a gustar
intercambiar to exchange/give/ receive Verbo Regular
interesar to be of interest Verbo Regular
ir to go Verbo Irregular
jugar (u—ue) to play a sport or game Verbo Irregular
leer to read Verbo Regular
limpiar to clean Verbo Regular
llegar to arrive Verbo Regular
llenar to fill in Verbo Regular
llevar to wear; to take; to carry Verbo Regular
mantener (irreg yo) to maintain Verbo Irregular
mentir (e—ie) to lie Verbo Irregular
merendar to have a snack Verbo Regular
mezclar to mix Verbo Regular
molestar to bother Verbo Regular, Verbo Similar a Gustar
morir (o—ue) to die Verbo Irregular
mostrar (o—ue) to show Verbo Irregular
necesitar to need Verbo Regular
no gustar to dislike Verbo Similar a Gustar
olvidar(se) to forget Verbo Regular
pagar to pay Verbo Regular
pasar to pass Verbo Regular
pasar (pasar por) to pass/to pass by Verbo Regular
pedir (e—i) to ask for Verbo Irregular
pegar adhere to/stick/hit Verbo Regular
poder (o—ue) to be able/can Verbo Irregular
poner (go) to put Verbo Irregular
poner(se) (go) to put/to put on Verbo Irregular
preferir (e—ie) to prefer Verbo Irregular
preguntar to ask (a question) Verbo Regular
preparar to prepare Verbo Regular
prestar to borrow; to loan; to lend Verbo Regular
promover (o—ue) to promote Verbo Irregular
quedar to be located Verbo Regular
quedar(se) bien/mal to fit well/poorly Verbo Regular
quemar to burn Verbo Regular
querer (e—ie) to want/wish/love Verbo Irregular
recibir to receive Verbo Regular
recomendar (e—ie) to recommend Verbo Irregular
reducir (c—zc) to reduce Verbo Irregular
regresar to return Verbo Regular
relajar(se) to relax Verbo Regular
remover (o—ue) to remove Verbo Irregular
reparar to repair Verbo Regular
repetir (e—i) to repeat Verbo Irregular
reservar to reserve Verbo Regular
revisar to revise/check Verbo Regular
romper (se) to break Verbo Regular
saber (otros irregulares -yo) to know Verbo Irregular
sacar to take Verbo Regular
sacar (buenas/malas) notas to get (good/bad) grades Verbo Regular
salar to add salt Verbo Regular
sazonar to season Verbo Regular
seguir (e—i) to follow/continue Verbo Irregular
señalar to signal Verbo Regular
sentar(se) (e—ie) to sit Verbo Irregular
sentir (e—ie) to feel, regret, to be sorry Verbo Irregular
ser (muy irregular) to be Verbo Irregular
ser soltero/a to be single Expresión, Verbo Irregular
servir (e—i) to serve Verbo Irregular
sugerir (e—ie) to suggest Verbo Irregular
temer to fear Verbo Regular
tener (go + e—ie) to have Verbo Irregular
tener calor (go + e—ie) to be hot Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener celos (go + e—ie) to be jealous Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener éxito (go + e—ie) to be successful Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener frío (go + e—ie) to be cold Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener ganas de… (go + e—ie) to feel like…(doing something) Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener hambre (go + e—ie) to be hungry Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener miedo (de) (go + e—ie) to be afraid (de) Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener paciencia (go + e—ie) to be patient Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener prisa (go + e—ie) to be in a hurry Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener razón (go + e—ie) to be right Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener sed (go + e—ie) to be thirsty Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener sueño (go + e—ie) to be tired / sleepy Expresión, Verbo Irregular
tener…años (go + e—ie) to…years old Expresión, Verbo Irregular
terminar to finish Verbo Regular
tomar apuntes to take notes Verbo Regular
trabajar to work Verbo Regular
traer (igo) to bring Verbo Irregular
usar to use Verbo Regular
vestir(se) (e—i) to dress Verbo Irregular
visitar to visit Verbo Regular
vivir to live Verbo Regular
volar (o—ue) to fly Verbo Irregular
volver (o—ue) to return Verbo Irregular


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