Appendix B

List of Potential Mythbusters Topics

The measles vaccine may cause vaccinated children to develop autism or other autism-related disorders like OCD and Asperger’s syndrome.

Taking a probiotic pill containing bacterial cultures will improve your immune system and therefore your ability to fight off colds and other infections.

Bottled water is “cleaner” (meaning won’t have any bacteria or viruses in it) and is therefore better for you to drink than regular tap water from a municipal source.

Getting an annual “flu shot” (influenza vaccine) means you will never have to worry about getting the flu.

If you drop something on the floor, it will still be safe to eat if you pick it up within 5 seconds of dropping it.

It is safe and economical to use a sponge in your kitchen for cleaning surfaces because they last for a long time.

Using a plastic cutting board in your kitchen to cut up food is safer than using a wooden cutting board.

Tuberculosis is a disease that we no longer have to worry about contracting here in the United States.

Children do not need to be immunized because most diseases preventable by vaccine (like mumps, measles, and polio) have been eliminated in the United States.

If you see any mold growing anywhere in your house, you should probably move out immediately because all molds are toxic.

Using hand soaps or household cleaning products labelled as “antibacterial” is healthier for you and your family.

Drinking lots of cranberry juice will prevent or cure urinary tract infections.

“Raw” or unpasteurized dairy products contain deadly microorganisms and should never be consumed by humans.

It’s OK to let your dog “kiss” you on the mouth because a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth.

Getting salad from a salad bar is perfectly safe because the plastic cover over the top protects the food from being contaminated.

You can catch genital herpes or chlamydia by sitting on a toilet seat in a public restroom.

Development of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) may be the result of an infection caused by bacteria or a virus.

Meat like ground beef and chicken should always be cooked “well done” because otherwise it is not safe to eat.

Using a product that contains zinc gluconate will shorten the duration of the common cold.

Using a product that contains the herb Echinacea will prevent you from getting a cold or the flu.

If you chew gum, your mouth will be “cleaner” (meaning, have fewer plaque-forming bacteria) than if you don’t chew gum.

If you pick up a toad and it pees on your hand, you’ll get a wart at the spot where the pee touches your skin.


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