Work on these exercises began in spring of 2021 with Allison Brown (Digital Publishing Services Manager at Milne Open Textbooks) shepherding the book through the entire publishing process. From her expertise in digital publishing to her recruiting volunteer readers and reviewers, her contributions and guidance were indispensable.

We are likewise grateful to Dr. Katie DeVet, Dr. Kathy Essmiller, Dr. Michael Masci, Dr. Ash Stemke, and Dr. Anders Tobiason for the tremendous help they provided in proofreading the text and error-checking the answer key. Their tireless attention to detail strengthened the text immeasurably.

Much of the labor involved in producing a book such as this lies in finding suitable excerpts for analysis and we have used this as an opportunity to contribute to the rebalancing of the Western art music canon. With few exceptions, all of the excerpts included here were written by composers from underrepresented groups. Music by Women (formerly Music Theory Examples by Women) and the Composers of Color Resource Project provided excellent groundwork for this effort and we are grateful for their initiative.


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