Production Assignment

The following synopsis has been optioned by a producer, and he hires you to make a movie out of it. What are the steps you will take to begin the production of this movie?

The story begins with the introduction of Alec and Suzie, lovers who become engaged and begin to plan their wedding. Everything is going wonderfully until Alec goes to purchase the flowers for the wedding. He enters the florist shop and comes upon a meeting that was supposed to be kept a secret. The members of the secret meeting see Alec and kill him.

This murder so enrages Suzie that she wants to find the people responsible and make them pay for killing Alec and destroying her life, as she knows it. Thus, the second part of the story begins: the conflict or complication, which is finding and dealing with the murderers.

Suzie has a dilemma because she has a notion but has no experience in finding murderers. As a genre, this could go in many different directions. Her complication is huge. With starting at square one, the conflict has to grow logically, with the rising action not being too rapid or slow. The first action is for Suzie to go to the florist to analyze the place to see why someone would be murdered for flowers.

Suzie goes to the flower shop, which is the last place where Alec was seen alive. Suzie looks around the flower shop, but everything looks ordinary, so she cannot figure out the reason for Alec’s murder. After 10 minutes of viewing the flowers and flower arrangements, she goes outside and across the street. She stands hidden for hours outside so she can see the rear of the florist shop, but nothing unusual occurs. She does not even see anyone except the one clerk in the florist shop.

She goes home frustrated, wondering why nothing happened, what to do next, and that this does not happen in the movies. In a story, the main character and protagonist has to fail at least once to increase the learning experience of the character.

Suzie is more driven than before to find the reason for Alec’s murder. The only thing that she did not do was to go to the florist shop at the same time that Alec did. She returns to the vicinity of the florist shop. She enters the shop because she notices a different clerk and several men shopping in the florist shop. She thinks that this may be nothing, but then she wonders how many men go shopping for flowers later at night. A man may run in and get a dozen of roses, but he would not spend a lot of time in the shop. Coming to this conclusion, she exits the shop before she is stopped by the three men and the male clerk in the store.

She exits the shop and finds a place outside where she cannot be seen but where she can have a fairly good view of the florist shop. In this part of the rising action, a sense of suspense is building, because it appears that something is going to happen.

She sits and watches but cannot hear or comprehend what is going on. She becomes very frustrated. She is also getting angry. She finally storms back to the store and goes in. The men in the store, who appear to have been talking, state that she has to leave because the store is closed. She asks why they are not leaving. They tell her they work there and are in the process of closing. Suzie becomes belligerent and yells that she does not believe them. They go over to escort her out, but she puts up a fight.

She notices a baseball bat and rapidly grabs it. She starts swinging it and hits two out of the three men. The one that was not hit runs away. Suzie continues beating the other two until the were no longer conscious. She throws the bat down and walks out of the store.

Suzie is a changed person because all she can contemplate is maiming the third person that was in the store. She watches the store from across the street night and day for two days but the man does not show up. Suzie believes that he is afraid of her or what might greet him. Suzie has not found out the condition of the two men she beat into unconsciousness. However, she does not care. She has become callous and hopes that they both die.

Suzie notices that the regular girl who works during the day has come to work. Suzie waits until the girl is at the front counter. She then goes into the store. Suzie states that she is scheduled to talk to an individual that frequents the store. Suzie describes him. The girl states the person is her husband. She apologizes and says that he will not be in the store, because he is still upset with what happened the other night with the other two owners.

Finding out this information, gives Suzie a renewed impetus and energy to get the third and last individual. She knows she is near and cannot stop. Suzie states to the girl that she can go to his house so their conversation does not have to be re-scheduled. The girl states that giving out addresses is against company policy. Rather than arguing the point, Suzie states that it is all right and she leaves.

Suzie leaves the store and waits to right before closing. At that time, Suzie sets up a surveillance of the store again.

Now the climax is getting close as there is only one person left to seek revenge, and Suzie is going to find out where he lives. Suzie follows the girl to her home. Now that she has the address, she is going to return to the home tomorrow with a baseball bat to beat the third murderer of her fiancé.

The next day, Suzie goes to the house. She waits until the girl leaves and makes sure the husband is still at home. Once she sees the husband moving around inside the house, she goes to the front door. She knocks, and the husband comes to the door. As soon as he opens the door, Suzie hits him with the baseball bat causing him to stagger backwards, allowing Suzie to walk into the house, and close and lock the door.

The husband is definitely scared and asks what she wants. Suzie states that she wants to know why the three of them killed her fiancé, Alec. The husband states that it was a misunderstanding because they said that they did not have the type of flowers he wanted so he became belligerent. They tried to restrain him and he accidentally fell, hitting his head. He said that the police agreed that’s what happened.

Suzie hits him in the ribs with the baseball bat, breaking some of his ribs and causing him to fall to the ground. He begins to cry that it is the truth and to please believe him because none of them had any reason to kill him. Suzie goes to hit him again as he is lying on the ground, and he sobs as to what does he have to hide? He pleads for her to look at him and his surroundings. Suzie looks at his face and the surroundings. She arrives at a realization and lowers the bat. She states that he is not to say anything. She says that if anybody asks him how he got hurt, that he should just state that he fell. Otherwise, she will come back and really hurt him. He sobs that he will. Suzie leaves.

The next scene is in an office, and Suzie is seen talking to someone, who the audience never sees. Suzie states that she finally realized, at that moment, that she was only seeking revenge out of frustration and that she basically has to start her life over again. She has a difficult time accepting that. The nondescript person states that it will take time. Suzie states that she has never been a violent person. The person swinging that bat never seemed to be her. The nondescript person states that it is time to forgive and begin the long journey back to who she used to be. Suzie agrees.


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