We would like to thank a number of people for assisting in the creation of this textbook. First, we would like to thank Allison Brown and Katherine Pitcher at SUNY Geneseo. Their leadership, facilitation, and advisement helped to create a textbook that is informative, accessible, and freely available to students and other readers. We are also grateful to the librarians at the SUNY Oswego library, who fielded incessant questions about citations and attributions. In addition, the current textbook would not be in the fine form that it is in without the many constructive comments provided by three expert reviewers. These reviewers included Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Sharon Peck, and an additional anonymous reviewer selected by Robert Rickenbrode. And finally, we would like to thank Kathleen Hinchman, whose thoughtfully written foreword situates this textbook as a meaningful contribution toward informing both literacy research and practice.