Reviewer’s Notes

Foundations of Academic Success is an engaging, informational, and succinct read that connects the reader to personal essays about succeeding in college. The text allows the reader to see different perspectives of the shared experience of navigating higher education. As an adjunct lecturer teaching a course entitled “Learning to Learn,” I see the advice and life lessons discussed as both helpful and informative to many types of students. I believe that this book has a universal appeal for any classroom that is discussing the college life cycle, and would advocate using this text with students who seek out campus services, such as Career Services, Study Abroad, and Academic Advising. I also see this text applicable in the education of student leaders, peer mentors, and peer advocates at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This text goes beyond traditional Student Affairs and Student Development theories to connect the reader with real, honest, and understandable life lessons.

About the Reviewer: Sherill Anderson is currently the Second-year Experience Coordinator for The College at Brockport. Ms. Anderson attended Alfred University, graduating in 2006 with her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. She completed her Master of Education degree in Counseling, with a concentration in College Student Development, as well as a certificate of advanced study, in 2008; also from Alfred University. She began her doctoral studies in May of 2013 with St. John Fisher College in the Ed.D program in Executive Leadership. Ms. Anderson pursued her research exploring the employer observations of both negative and positive social behavioral characteristics that impact employer hiring decisions regarding young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.


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